Tuesday, July 26, 2011

North Country

Headed up north this weekend to do a little MN relaxing. Can't say that I didn't enjoy the weekend and I'm pretty sure everyone else enjoyed the weekend as well! We drove up pretty early on Friday and met up with Kelly's parents, her brother, his gf and room mate and my parents. A couple of Kelly's cousins were up there as well.
With in 30seconds of Jerry getting out of the car and seeing the lake he was wet and pretty much would have remained wet the entire time if we wouldn't have kept him out for the couple hours before bed so he could sleep inside. After he was wet we decided to see if he would fetch his throwing dumby and with in about 3 mins he was jumping from the dock and that was the end of that story. His tail didn't stop wagging all weekend! He seems a little bummed to be home.
The afternoon was spent swimming and grilling. After dinner we went fishing. It was my dad, bob and I in one boat and everyone else was in the pontoon. We didn't catch very many fish but we had a good time. That was actually the only time I went fishing but I didn't get skunked, caught 3 fish. My dad and Bob went out a few more times but they didn't catch much. Bob said it was because the front coming in and moving out. I guess the barometric pressure makes them not hungry or something.
Saturday morning we were woke to a pretty gnarly thunder storm that made the dogs go crazy, of course. It rained super hard and everyone that was sleeping in a tent got wet. I told them they could borrow our tents and they wouldn't have gotten wet but they stuck with there walmart tents. Learned that lesson a long time ago. If it isn't a name brand and you don't have to spend a little cash on it, it's not worth it.
Pretty much all day Saturday was gloomy and cool but we made the most of it. We went into Crosslake and got ice cream and played mini golf. They had a new course that Kelly didn't want to play but everyone else wanted to try it. It was challenging and not all that fun. So I guess Kelly was right, should have played the other course and we did but not till Sunday afternoon.
That evening we went to moon light bay for dinner. After dinner the party started. We got cups and ping pong balls and played beer pong all night. That's right all of us. Even the old people, :) haha. Surprisingly bob and my dad were really good at beer pong. They played for the main group championship and bob one. We played a 6 cup, singles double elimination tourney and unfortunately Tommy's roommate came back from the losers bracket and one the over all. Then we played another tourney with a few less people then I won that and finally Derrick, Tommy's roommate, and I played for the overall champion and I won in over time! What a crazy night, it brought me back to college!
Sunday morning was spent doing a little yard work and then out to the lake for some swimming and tubing. After I went tubing I was dumped about 400meters from the pontoon were everyone was swimming so I decided to swim back there and when we were done swimming I swam back to shore which was another 700-800meters. So it was a good test of my swimming skills. I did pretty well! After that, lilke I said we went and played mini golf and then came back and I headed to Crosby to ride the Cuyuna trail!
Oh snap I went straight to the Yawnkee Loop as it was closed when I was there last and I rode every inch of it and some of it twice! I just love how amazingly it flows! I finally got a shot at the double black tech section at the top and it was sick! It made Leb's blacks look child's play. It was true legit double black! It took me 4 loops before I could clean it all and I had to use my granny gear as some of them were almost trials like moves! Then to top it off they had this pump track section and it was sick fun! I did laps on that and I was flowing so well towards the end I was able to manual multiple of the rollers like a BMX rhythm section! To top it off the bob sled black diamond dh run was open and GD that is some fast fun shit! I rode it 4 times going faster and pushing the limit every time! Over all it was an awesome ride and the perfect end to the weekend.
I went back had dinner and hung out by the fire and then woke up and cleaned up the cabin said good bye to my parents and packed up. The drive back felt like it took a while. It felt good to be home but definitely could spend a lot more time up there, that's for sure!
Hope all your weekends were as fun as mine!
Keep it real!

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