Wednesday, July 20, 2011

and the thunder rolls

Well I know places are flooding but I'm still hoping for some gnarly thunderstorms and or a strong ass north wind to get rid of the humidity and bring some coolness and an end to this awful weather. This week has been awful, the weather sucked and work has sucked. I haven't been really feeling like riding my bike or doing anything outside. I go out side to walk the dog and right back in to sit in the ac. He doesn't like it outside either.
How ever it was really nice this morning on our walk. It said it was 84 but there was no humidity and a nice breeze. I wish I had time to get out on the bike but off to work. Work sucked again but what can you do. Over worked and under paid. I'm doing twice as much work as the expectations but still can't get through all the work that is assigned.
Anyways today after work I got a good swim in after the little nuggets left the pool. I did 50 laps in our pool which is about 1000 meters. I felt pretty solid until about 800 meters but I pushed through it. It proved to myself that I can at least swim that far.
Tomorrow is my Friday. We are heading up north to Kelly's family's cabin for the weekend. Friday-Monday with my parents, Kelly's parents, Tommy and his friends and Jerry! It will be a great weekend, Tommy's friend is bring up some ATVs, do a little fishing maybe, some drinking, some swimming, maybe a practice tri and definitely going to try my hardest to get to cuyuna trail to get some sweet mtb sessions in!
keep it real!

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