Thursday, July 14, 2011

tail spin

Wow, where is the summer going? I have no clue, it's like we are in a tail spin to fall! I can't really remember what the heck I've done in the last 3 weeks since I've been back. In the weeks since we have been back we celebrated the 4th at a local carnival, Eagan days. It was a neat little carnival with a live band, The Dweebs, and food vendors, rides and carnival games filled with carnies! Got to love carnies and of course they stole my money at the bottle breaking game. I broke 2 bottles in 5 balls but I guess they had to be 2 breaks in a row, cheeky bastards! Work has been pretty hellish lately. I left having my work 1 day ahead of where it should be and came back 2 days behind! WTF, thanks team for the support and basically I haven't been able to recover since and now more people are out on vacation and they expect me to help with their work? I just shake my head and put my tunes on louder, drink more coffee and push on dream for a chance to rip reign down the trail! I have defiantly been doing that, maybe not as much as I should be or want to be but I seem to get out there pretty often. I have also mentally committed to competing in the Aberdeen Xterra race on July 30th so I have began training hard, running more, riding harder and trying to swim as much as I can which was only once. Which was last Saturday morning and it was only 250meters, however that was followed by about a 9mile bike on the road with the MTB and then a 3 mile run. I was planning on swimming a couple times this week to start building those muscles but we don't have a key so I have to jump the fence and I feel weird doing it when people are out but I have to work a late night tomorrow. That being said my plan is to do a longer swim and then a run before I go to work. I also am planning on doing another mini tri this Saturday morning.
My riding has been improving last ride I did with stu I was groovin' and flying. He's usually right behind me pushing me, but there was no need because I was linking my corners, carrying my momentum and really working the trail, pumping all the rollers and flying through the trail. I felt good. You know when everything is working solid and it was awesome. I've also found my therapeutic road rides again. I've done a few since I've been back and they help me reflect on life which is good.
Over all these last few weeks flew by, with limited excitement. I was hoping to do the Thursday night Buck Hill mtg races but it rained a shit ton today. I guess they still raced but I wasn't in the mood for a mud fest and I hate cleaning my bike so I went for a road ride. 22miles in 1 hour 10 mins. Not bad, it was nice.
Thank God tomorrow is Friday, I'm ready for the weekend!
Keep it real!

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