Friday, July 8, 2011

El Fine!

Alright take advantage of the computer while you can. Thursday was a cool day. We got up early and headed to the ATV rental place. We were going to go on atv tour of some of the forest. I didn't know what to expect. I had grown up riding ATV's and quads so I thought I might be lame but it was really cool. The trail was really fun and after we had proven ourselves as worthy riders on the way up the guide took us on some sweet trails on the way back that wove through the trees, over some really rough stuff and through huge mud holes! haha it was sweet but honestly I think Kelly's parents had more fun then we did. They had never been on ATV's and they both had huge smiles when we were finished and didn't stop talking about the trip for hours after we were done.
Friday we decided to get up early and do the waterfall hikes that we couldn't do on Tuesday. Kelly's parent's came with us. The first hike was pretty short and not too strenuous but he pay off was huge! The waterfall was sweet. It was called Grotto falls and it definitely reminded me of a more natury playboy mansion! Sweet water fall the you could walk behind that emptied into a crystal clear, ice cold pool that then cascaded over some rocks down to some smaller falls and rapids! Absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately Kelly's mom's knee was starting to bother her and it was getting hot out so we didn't do the second hike, but that's ok this one was suppose to be the better of the two anyways! After our hike we had a pic-nic in the park and ended up with an unexpected guest. A momma black bear decided that our lunch looked better then her's. It kind of caught me off guard but I scared the shit out of some of the other people eating there. I'm guessing they haven't seen a bear out side of a zoo before. I stood up and started yelling and clapping my hands and then the rest of us started doing the same and two park workers chased her off. They told us that she visits like every other day and has two cubs someplace. They told us she doesn't really cause problems just scares some tourists and eats some garbage. It was pretty exciting and I thought it was neat.
That night her parents took us out for a engagement dinner at Texas Road House and I had the best prime rib I've ever had. It just melted in your mouth!
Saturday we got up early and headed to Nashville. Kelly and I would only get one day there so we booked a bus tour and tried to see as much as we could. The bus tour was pretty good. The guy, Tommy, driving was super funny but I was hoping for more history and less celebrity houses but I guess that's what all the hoopla  is about there and all the tourist want to see. We walked around down town for awhile, ate a honky tonk and went to the Charlie Daniels museum. That night we went out to eat and then went to the park and listened to a big band play and saw the only replica Pantheon in the western hemisphere.
Sunday was time for Kelly and I to call it a trip. Her parents were staying till Tuesday and then flying home. We hit the road pretty early and Kelly fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a long haul trucker because she decided that she was going to drive the entire 14 hour trip! Oh well I didn't mind. I just sat there and enjoyed the ride. It was pretty uneventful minus the torrential rains we drove through in TN. They caused us to slow down to 45 at times.
It was sure great to be home. I will definitely go back that way again sometime. I don't know when I'll go back to Gatlinburg, maybe when I have kids of my own. I will definitely go back to south western TN, northern GA and eastern NC. They have some amazing MTB in Brevard County, the Blue Ridge mountains and all sorts of other sweet out door adventures there.
Monday we unpacked and I went for a short ride and then off to pick up the Jerry from my parents. It was great to see him! and he was excited to see us but I think when we got home he missed not having scooby around!
Keep it real!

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