Monday, July 18, 2011

holly hanna it is hot out!

wow oh wee it has gotten super hot out these last couple days. Friday was an alright day at work no real complaints. After work we hung out with a couple friend and went to the movie Horrible Bosses. It was really really funny. I could actually be one of the funniest movies I've seen all summer. The cast worked great together. I honestly have to say the Charlie from always sunny in Philadelphia might be one of the funniest men in Hollywood.
 This weekend was pretty good. Saturday morning I did another mini-tri, I increased the distance on the swim and bike a bit and kept the run the same. I was feeling pretty good even though I did get kind or torn up on Friday night. I don't know what to tell you. I still have a little Grissel around the mid section. I can't seem to get as cut as I was last summer but I can't or don't really want to give up the tasty Colorado beers! That afternoon I hung out with my bud Adam at the Fireman's Softball tourney. I guess it's one of the biggest softball tourneys in MN. That evening I went out to eat with Kelly's parents and her brother.
Sunday morning Stu and I got up to go tear up Elk River's mtb course, Hillside Park. F me it was hot and the name of the course says it all. I don't know but some body needs to have talk with the designers of these mn mtb courses. I don't even know how they do it but they have at least 2-1 climbing to descending? Come on at least make it equal! I'm all for a could tough fun climb but damn it felt like we were climbing endlessly! Maybe it was because I was so GD hot! I don't know what it was when we started but when we stopped it was 90+ in the shade and that was at 1030am!
The course is absolutely sweet! I would give it a 7 which is like a half point less then leb and the only reason it doesn't score a half point higher is because of all the f'n sand! I hate sand! It totally kills your flow, there were multiple sweet declines that were ruined by sandy corners!
I do think that there are wa;y sweeter features there. I loved the teeter toter and the small north shore bridges and even a carousel corner! I thought the rock gardens were miles better then Leb and even had them on declines which make them some much more fun! They could use a few more jumps and rollers but they made up with other neat features including the morc specialty log piles! I don't know about them, I'm on the fence, they are ok from time to time but I think they are over killed at leb but hillside only had a few so it was cool!
I couldn't believe how hot I was, I had sweat dripping off my hands my shirt I was able to ring water out of it, and it was a dri fit jersey! Just covered in dust and sand, I hate sand! I did crash from that damn sand. My front tire washed out and I ended up with a raspberry on my right elbow and knee and 3 holes in my left shin! All in all it was a good climb but I don't think I'll be making the trip back there till it cools off a bit! It will be a lot more fun when I can do more then one lap and get to take passes at some of the cool obstacles
Today at work, I wasn't in the mood and the day drug on and man is it hot out. The evening is spent watching Man vs. Wild, Top Gear, American Pickers and James May Drinks Across Brittan!
Keep it real!

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