Thursday, July 7, 2011


Man I might be the single worst blogger... haha. Well I have a good excuse these days. Jerry ate my charger plug in so I can't charge my computer so I have to blog as much as I can before work, on brakes and lunch and when Kelly isn't using her work computer. Anyways back to TN. On Monday we didn't do a whole lot. We spent most of the day just exploring the town and perusing the shops. Gatlinburg has north America's largest Gondola that takes you up to the local ski area. It has a neat little shopping area and an indoor Ice ring that has concrete walls and costs $9 bucks to rent skates. If it wasn't so expensive I would have went out there and put on a show for the locals and the tourist. It was pretty humorous to watch people try to skate and even more amusing to see the southerns oooh and aaaah ove shitty skaters. And to boot the Zamboni driver did a half ass job on the ice. They would have been canned for sure in MN, haha! They also had some other cool things up there. Kelly and I did the alpine slide and of course I whooped her ass! They had some water park and some other kiddie rides.
Tuesday Kelly's parents rented a motor cycle and went for a pretty epic ride. They did some cool road about 250miles but the main event was "The Tail of the Dragon" 310 curves in 11 miles, haha yikes! So it was just Kelly and I to entertain ourselves. We decided to go for some waterfall hikes. We stopped at the Sugarland Welcome center to talk with a ranger about the best hikes to do. They told us of about 4 cool waterfall hikes and two car tours that were nice nature drives and have some  cool historic sites to check out. We decided to do the two  car drives. One was by our hotel and had the two hikes we wanted to do so we went to the other car loop first. It's called Cade's cove. It was a really cool loop but took about 2 hrs to do and we only stopped at a couple of the historic sites. We did see some sweet wild life. There we two bears and a couple deer but people acted like they have never seen any wild life, haha maybe they haven't. Who knows. After the cruise we ate lunch and headed to the other loop. As we approached the first trail head cars were lined up on the road side and I became worried that  there wasn't any parking spots available and I was right. We went to the next trail head and it was the same crap. I guess we got there way too late. We really wanted to hike that one but by the time we found a spot we were 3/4 of a mile down the hill and Kelly was no longer in the mood. So we  kept driving but eventually we found some cool looking streams and decided to not waste the day completely so we parked the car and started walking up the stream a bit. Kelly wanted to take a picture together so I told her to get on this rock out in the stream a bit and I set up the camera, hit the timer and ran out to her and got on my knee!
That's right I popped the big question and we got a picture of it! It is official now, we are getting hitched. We decided to not tell her parents but see how long it would take for them to notice. I didn't think it would take that long since Kelly never wears jewelry and now she has shiny diamond on her left hand. Surprisingly it took till super was almost over before her mom noticed! haha  she was like what the heck is that, haha. So let the preparation begin and Kelly wasted no time. She picked up a wedding magazine and began circling things she like that night.
Wednesday, I can't really remember specifically what we did. It's so long ago and everything becomes a blur. I know that Kelly and I went up the space needle they had there and took some pictures. It was some pretty cool views. I just can't explain the beauty of this area and unless you've been there and seen it yourself I don't think you will understand.
More to come soon!

Keep it real!

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