Monday, March 7, 2011

where was I

This weekend in total is pretty much a blur. I can't really remember what I did exactly each day. I know that I did some working on Sunday, it was great. I tossed in those 3 exercises from James Wilson to build a stronger pedal stroke. Man they really work. I can feel it in the respected areas for sure and I rode my to the gym, definitely need to work on the cardio. It was awesome tho! I was jumpin' curbs and snowbanks. Layin' back and flying through the rutty frozen snow/ice chunks and lettin' the rear end float through it and the front end tracked well, so I am super stoked to rip up some serious trails, hopin' to head to red wing as soon as it's dry enough and up to giants ridge! I want to hit up some dh! Until then I will be doing as much urban assault riding as possible. So now starts the recon to find some sweet drops/loading docks and stair cases to shred up!
I did try to fix my car but all attempts have been futile. I thought I needed new front brakes, when I took those apart they break pads were fine and the rotors are a little worn but there was a pebble in there making all the noise, so that was good. Returned the parts and got the parts to due the back drum brakes, hoping that was the cause of the noise since it was the tire being out of balance. Nope, they were also in great shape. They were a bitch to get apart but in good shape. We just cleaned them up a bit and then checked the rear differential to make sure it had fluid and it did. That means, unfortunately that my right rear wheel baring is shot, no idea how much that will cost but it has to be fixed soon or it might cease up on that's not good! Damn it! well lets keep our fingers crossed that it will be the last thing to fix for awhile or I will be in a financial crunch!
Did a lot of chillin' with Kelly and the pooch and a little with her family. It was a nice weekend. I wish it would just get warm and stay warm. I just want to ride!
Keep it real!

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