Wednesday, March 2, 2011

not a lot going on

As the title states, not a lot going on in my neck of the woods. Work is going well. I am getting the hang of it quickly and feel really confident in what I'm doing. So that's good. I actually don't mind going to work which is cool. I hope that doesn't go away as the newness wears off. The days are going by quickly. No bike yet, hopefully tomorrow!
Here are a couple neat things to check out. I'm officially a TV star, haha jk but I was on the show Life to the Max on a local tv show, but here is a clip. It shows my and my buddy Stu, I'm repelling about minute 5 or so
Another neat link I have for you is Top 3 Clipless Pedal Myths you should all check this out no matter if you ride clips and will never try flats, if your thinking about trying flats or if you're all on board like me. The main reason isn't to sway you one way or the other. James does make good points about each myth, but he also provides you with 3 exercises to improve your pedal stroke and make you a more powerful pedaler! I know we all want that! So check it out, give them a try, they work and they are great!
The weeks almost over and it looks like there might be some more snow next week but then followed by warm weather! Keepin' the finger crossed. I've had enough winter this year. I don't have any desire to ice climb, play hockey or do anything else winter related any more, unless it would be Biker cross at Buck Hill, not sure if they are doing that this year.
Keep it real!

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