Thursday, March 10, 2011

busy day and great opportunity

Alright yesterday was pretty good. Not a lot going on but I did get some great news. Honestly I wasn't really looking forward to this weekend. 10hrs each way of driving, Kelly is in the wedding so I will be sitting through the ceremony and dinner by myself, and I will be by myself for pretty much all of Saturday, from 830am on Kelly will be busy, but it's all okay to go to OK now! I did a little quick research after seeing the weather report and there is some sweet single track only 8miles from my hotel! Yeah the weather should be mid 60's, dry and I emailed a bunch of bike shops to check out the trail conditions and get some first hand knowledge. All good news! They said they got a little rain on Monday and Tuesday but by the weekend the trail should be in perfect shape with perfect weather. So this is what I've heard about the place. It's called Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness. Unfortunately it's not a real mountain but it is river bluffs, the topo looks similar to the Redwing area, so I am excited about that. One shop told me it is amazing technical single track. I read online that it has some trails for beginners but the majority is intermediate to advance and that full suspension is recommended. Perfect I have that. The website said that it is a good mix of up and down with some short steep climbs and some fun steep and flowy downhill with roots and lots of technical rock gardens. That's great! I actually get to try out my bike on it's maiden voyage on a trail that is exactly what this bike was built for!
This afternoon I will get my answer 720 bars on. We will pack up our stuff, take the dog to the kennel and clean the house. Then we will pack the car take a quick nap and I believe we are planning on leaving at midnight tonight and getting there about 10 or 11am! I probably wont blog till Monday but I hope to have some great stories and maybe some picks. Sorry about the delay with the pics of the bike I promise I will get those up soon!
Keep it real!

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