Tuesday, March 22, 2011

double edge sword

Well this weekend is slogging on. Can't seem to dig my self out of my hole at work, but I'm not going to let that me bring me down. Although this rain, not so sure about it. I know that it is needed to speed up the snow melt and clean the road from the dirt and salt but it sure isn't going to get me on the trails any sooner. I know that I really need to put some miles in if I want to finish the Almonzo coming up here mid May and really put some serious miles if I want to finish with a respectable time. Although I just can't get the motivation. Some of it has to do with the weather. I will admit it I am a fair weather rider. I don't mind cold but I don't like really cold or wet and cold so this week is out of the question. I will continue to do my DB  combos.
The hip is still feeling good but my hip flexor has been sore all day. Not sure what's up with that. It didn't bother my while I was working out but now just sitting here it's this dull ache... Hope it's nothing serious. Well let's hope that the weather turns for the better sooner then later so we might be able to ride some trails in April!
Keep it real!

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