Monday, March 21, 2011

the weekend

Another fast but fun weekend. Nothing seriously exciting going on this weekend. Friday Kelly and I went over to her parents to celebrate her brother in laws birthday and jazz him a little about almost being 30, haha I know so old right, haha. Then  Saturday, I got a decent urban ride in. I'm really working on my technical stuff, like track stands, manuals and bunny hops. I also had to throw in some sweet drops and stairs. The key to having a good urban ride is to have a creative mind and look at everything as an obstacle and try to relate it to the trail. If you can do that you can really improve your skills and have fun. I realized I definitely need to replace the triple with a double and a bash guard. I've already sheered off two teeth on the big ring... haha. The big difference I see, especially with in my group of rider friends, is that the hard core xc'ers are hitting the road bikes to "build" there legs and riding the trainers and the more "all" mountain bikers like myself were I'm building my legs in the gym doing weight cardio combos, like the MTB strength DB combos, and doing urban rides to build my legs and mtb skills! I'm not saying either are bad and both are needed but if you are serious about mtb you should be doing those road rides on your mt bike and not your road bike because they are two totally different animals!
Saturday afternoon was a lot of fun, we went to The Gopher down town. It's such a dive/hole in the wall but you can't beat $3.50 connie dogs and $1.50 tap beers. When we left there we went home for a little bit and then back to Kelly's parents neighbors to drink and hang out  and Jerry had a play date with their dog Marley, who is a 9month old border collie and man was Jerry pooped after that. It's great, he was so tired he even let us sleep in on Sunday!
Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I woke up to take the dog for a walk and then we cleaned the house and hung out with our friends that were checking out this town home by ours. It would be cool if they moved close to use. We don't know very many people that live close to us. After they left, Kelly and I went grocery shopping and to pet smart and then I went to the gym. I did get the old truckachino steed ready for the commuting and gravel race season. Cleaned her all up and slapped on the fenders and a rear rack and road it to the gym. It felt super weird riding that bike after riding the Reign for the last few weeks, but after a short time I was flying down the road and the legs felt great... but definitely need to kick it in the but the Almonzo is coming up quick!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Have a great week!
Keep it real!

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