Thursday, March 3, 2011

oh it's on!

Holla! if you couldn't figure it out I got my bike! Oh and I am glad I didn't get the '10 model, the '11 is so much sexier and has even better components! It is bad ass! I'm going to keep everything stock except the handle bars. It comes with 665mm and they are just too small. I have already order the new Answer AM 720mm bars. They should be here soon and then I'll get them swapped out and be able to  set up my cockpit the way I want it.
Work was kind of stress full, not because of the work load but because I was checking my email every hour hoping that Dave would hit me up and tell me that my bike was ready but nope. I checked at 4pm right before I left work and still nothing. So I figured it wouldn't be ready till tomorrow or Saturday. I was going to go workout after work but I forgot my clothes, so I went home and was planning on going to the Eagan lifetime after dinner. I played with the pooch and was just sitting there and decided to send Dave an email just to see how things were going and there it was! The email I had been waiting for, "your bike is ready!" Oh yeah! I got my jacket on and headed out the door. I spent about 45mins at the shop getting it roughly fitted for me and the suspension set up. Had to learn a few important things since I've never had a full suspension bike or one with disc brakes, big upgrades!
When I got home it was time to play with it. I tossed on my pedals and headed down to the gas station to get a snack and spin the cranks. It felt great to ride a bike and pain free to boot! It's slightly down hill so it was fun to jump on the curbs and really let it flow a bit but damn it is all up hill back home! and I caught my jacket on the seat and broke the zipper, I hope I can get that thing fixed. I love that jacket!
I can definitely say I am not in riding shape right now. I feel strong but the cardio is lacking! It needs to get warm so I can get out and do some sprints on the bike, run some stairs and do some serious cardio. The hip is feeling great so it is about time to work the cardio back into the routine. It might be time to bust out the nightmare before Christmas workout and some rope skipping.
It was a blast to ride, even though it was only on the road! I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can really lay the braap down!
On other news, I can officially let you all know that Kelly will be an aunt this fall. Her sister is pregnant, not sure if it's a boy or girl yet. Also if anyone is interested in purchasing a bad ass bike for a good price. I was offered this '08 Felt Redemption for $1500 or best offer, I've posted it on the Midwest Freeride website. Click here to view it.
There will be pics of the new ride posted shortly!
Keep it real!

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