Monday, March 28, 2011

fair weather rider

The weekend has come and gone, unfortunately.... There wasn't a whole lot going on this weekend. I did a solid work out on Thursday. The DB combos are starting to get tougher each week now, longer intervals with less break. Didn't do much Friday, Saturday I went for about 1hr 15min road ride on the MTB, man that is a good work out pushing those 2.35 meaty tires up and down the hills by my house. Did a breif urban assult ride after that but my legs were shaking so I headed home, not worth getting hurt. Definately need to get the legs rollin' here asap.
Saturday night I went through Kelly's bike and cleaned it all up and got it ready for this summers riding. I also went through my buddy Dan's bike. Wow that was a mess. Probably needed to have some stuff replaced but he said he didn't want to spend the money so I just did my best. It's a 2003 Trek 4300 and he said it was last serviced like 5 years ago and it showed. the cones were finger tight and barely any grease in there, surprisingly they weren't that pitted so I just cleaned them up and lubed it up and tightened it up. I did change up his set up since he had his handle bars super high. It felt like a sunday cruiser so I lowered the bars so they were at the Lee McCormack recomended 1.5inches below seat hight, that felt way better and way more responsive. He might be selling it and getting a newer bike anyways so whatever.
Sunday we went shopping at Sam's club and hung out with Kelly's parents. After that I went for a short ride on the LHT and went the gym. Man I hate riding my bike when I'm cold. I thought I was dressed appropriate but as soon as the sun started to set it got cold. I don't know if I'm going to be ready for this 100mile Almanzo if the weather doesn't get it's shit together really quick!
I hope you all are ready for another "great" week at work. Looks like it's suppose to warm up here this week, some possible rain on Sunday to get rid of that snow and hopefully clear the streets! yeah!
Keep it real!

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