Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OK okay?

Sorry to all my followers, 2 officially, I have been a bit inconsistent with my blogging but there hasn't been a whole lot going on in my life. The bike just sits there begging me to ride it but again with the snow! Although things are looking up. The temp is consistently above 30 lately so that equals melt which means soon there will be mud and then dry dirt! I can't wait. This week has gone by pretty quick. Jerry is doing well. We were a little concerned with him last night since he wasn't very motivated to do anything and that isn't like the terror bear but we did take him to day care yesterday and they said he played hard all day. He was so tired last night he wouldn't even walk up the stairs he just laid there an wined. I was a little nervous that he got hurt playing so hard but all worries were washed away this morning after he ate. Terror bear was back in comish! haha.
This weekend Kelly and I are going to a wedding in Tulsa, OK. Unfortunately I'm not bring my bike. No real time. It's going to be more of a dine and dash type wedding for us. Don't have the money to stay at the place they reserved or to stay extra days to hang out. We are leaving midnight on Thursday. When we arrive we will sight see a bit, check in about 2pm, take a nap, get ready for the rehearsal dinner and do all that and then the wedding is on Saturday. We'll do that thing and get up and drive back about 6am Sunday. I'm sure it will fly by. It's Kelly's high school friend getting married and Kelly is in the wedding, so I don't know what I'll do all day Saturday while she is getting all dolled up for the wedding. She'll be looking gorgeous and I'll be looking like a dirty bike riding hippie in a suite, haha, just how I like it! I will shave though. Definitely not looking forward to two 10hour drives so close together but the plane tickets were 400+ each! Yikes, the middle east needs to sort their shit out and we need to use some of out own oil to bring gas prices back to $2 something! real fast!
Keep it real!

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