Thursday, March 17, 2011

first shinner

Work went well today, I'm almost caught up. I'm probably going to go in early tomorrow so that I can get all caught up and not have to stay late at all. After work I went to the gym. It was a great work out. I'm really feeling the difference with my bike control. My bike weighs in at about 30lbs and I can just throw that beast around. Went out for another urban assault ride after working out. I learned the hard way that you need to adjust your rebound for how you're riding. I was busting some big drops in the back of the apartment complex beside our place. It was a natural rock retaining wall. I wasn't feeling quite ballsy enough to bust the full deal, its probably 6 walls or so. I usually keep the rear shock about 3 clicks from wide open most of the time but that didn't work for a 4 foot drop. the first time I landed it but got bucked a bit but held on.  Then I did it again and slid out so I got back up on top and ripped at it and landed but this time it was serious buck and almost went over the handle bars, full out bail! haha so I slowed the rebound down to 3 clicks from the slowest and stuck it like a champ! Ripped down the drainage rock garden a couple times and played on some rocks in front of McDonald's and headed home. I did unfortunately slip off the pedal while manualing and got a nice nob on my shin. It hurt a little but luckily I didn't catch the pins, just the side of the pedal.
Jersey shows on tonight, got to love that show. Good laughs and makes me feel better about myself. Happy St. Patty's day, got to feel a little Irish today and have a couple beers!
Keep it real!

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