Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Urban Assault

This week is flying by. I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening. Work has been a bit crazy and slightly overwhelming due to being out of the office for a couple days. Unfortunately the work doesn't go on a vacation as well so I had to do all that work plus my normal stuff, but I'm pretty close to caught up now. I love this warm weather. I can't wait for the snow to all be gone. I'm hoping to start commuting to work next month and I hope at least a couple of the mtb trails will be open in about 4 weeks. Until then I will be busting the urban assault rides out!
I went on a urban ride today. Jumping off whatever I can find. Hit up a few stairs, drops and curbs. Really focusing on proper form for my manuals and cornering. I did find this sweet drainage steep that was filled with rocks. It really made for a great urban rock garden and the reign ate that up like a fat kid would chocolate cake! I did realize that I have to ditch the seat bag because when I bunny hop it rubs on the tire and drives me nuts. As the snow melts more and more opportunities show and I'm jacked to rip it up! I see a lot of potential drops and short steeps to shred as the snow melts. Remember get out and find something to shred!
Keep it real!

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