Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trans-Provence Day 2

Well it is technically day 4 I thinks since it officially started Saturday September 4th but maybe they didn't race the first day? or they are two days behind in posting standings and such but here is the order after day 2.
video click here
1) Nico Vouilloz 58:24
2) Jerome Clementz 59:11
3) Mark Weir 59:40
4) Fabien Barel 01:00:35
5) Matt Ryan 01:01:09
6) Ben Cruz 01:01:58
7) Marc Beaumont 01:04:00
8) Rowan Sorrell 01:04:15
9) Steve Jones 01:06:33
10) James Richards 01:08:37
Again the over mountain boys are holding their own Mark and Jerome simply swapped places and unfortunately Ben fell a spot but that's ok. It's his first Euro Enduro race and I think he is only like 19 so he will be one to watch in the years to come! and it was Marc Beaumonts birthday on Sunday I believe it was. For me this is like the Tour de France of mtb and some day I would like to do the race but if I can't do the race they do offer a guided ride, all inclusive for about $1500 (not including flight). Other riders have called it the Le BC Bike race of Provence. The BC race is probably more feasible for me so hopefully I can get that sorted in the next few years. I would also like to do the Trestle All-Mountain Enduro.

As for a ride yesterday I rode over to check out the Lexington Street Dirt Jumps, man they are in some sad shape and in need of some serious tlc but I did about 10 laps on the little pump track there and then rode over to this big set of stairs and ran 10 laps on those and then back home working on manuals and endos! haha and trying to ride any ledge, curb or rock collection that required balance. Pretty chill ride. Good luck to Mike Schroden of St. Cloud (Revolution Cycle and Ski) as he competes this weekend as a solo rider at the US National 24 hour race!

Keep it real!

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