Saturday, September 10, 2011

To sum it up....

This week has been long and boring, haha. Work has been a lot of reading and job shadowing. I haven't learned a whole lot of new stuff since my mentor/trainer has been swamped with work so he hasn't been able to show me a lot of the system work but the week is over and it's now the weekend which is awesome!
As for this week in the world of biking? Not a whole lot going on in this department, unfortunately. Monday was a drive home from SD and then Tuesday was trail work at Leb so again no riding. Wednesday I became and unofficial uncle, I say that because Kelly and I aren't married yet, but Kelly's sister Katie had her baby. She went into the hospital at 230am and was in labor in and out until 7ish and then when she pushed the baby went backwards so she had to have a c-section at 730pm. So I was at the hospital till 10ish that night so I was pretty tired Thursday morning. Thursday evening I went for the MORC trail group ride that started at 6pm. It was a pretty good ride. They were all doing two laps but the second would be a low light to night ride and they all had lights and I didn't.
I did get a bit annoyed because the guys that were there are all good riders but not as technically as sound as I am, in my opinion anyway. I say that because if I was behind them going through the fast technical sections they were on the breaks and I'm not and I would have to slam on them in order to not hit them. So I decided to just hang back hand session a tree ride section for a bit to let them get a head of me so I could just do my own thing. I love riding with people you learn a lot from riding with them but I also like to be pushed and be able ride sections that are fun at my own speed, full speed :) I did meet some new guys that I hadn't met so it was great to make more friends and riding buddies. A couple of them did the Dakota 50 and seem to be pretty solid riders so I hope to get with them next spring and use them as a good training partners.
Friday was hangin' with Kelly and Bear night. We watch some of our taped shows from last week and Rio, the cartoon movie, it was actually really funny but most of those Disney movies actually are with all their hidden adult comedy.
Saturday morning I got up and went to session leb by myself. I should have checked my email because my buddy Dave wanted to ride at 9 but I didn't see that so I went at 10 by myself. The ride was pretty good. I did a little session on the table at the beginning of the blue! Had a couple nice whips, nothing like Danny Hart in his UCI win at 2:18, click here My ride consisted of blue to double black back to tea party area, single black and then blue out to green, green lap with session in the terrain park to green lap out. Unfortunately I crashed pretty hard on the way out. I was manually the rollers like I normally do but I got off balance and when the front came down it bucked me pretty hard and I landed on my bad right shoulder that was pretty much recovered but now its sore again, dang it! oh well ice and ibuprofen my two favorite things!
After the ride I took the beast home and gave it a bath and was going through the pedals since they were clicking got that taken care of, tightened up the cones on the rear hub and was going to try to fix the ghost shifting problem but I had to make a trip to the bike shop to do that. I guess the problem wasn't cable tension, I had disintegrated the bottom pulley on my rear derailleur and had ridden the second two days in the black hills and 2hrs at leb on Thursday and today's ride with no pulley just a baring for it to ride on, haha! well that's all fixed now and the shifting is a lot more smooth but I do have some slop in my rear derailleur so I will have to get that fixed here pretty soon. Another winter project to put on the list I guess.
Below are a picture line of my favorite section at Leb. The first part on the blue line, the big rock to rock garden to drop to big table to double!
Keep it real!

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