Monday, September 26, 2011


Alright be for I start the weekend report I want to give you all an up date on the Trans Provence (click to read full report and watch video) thanks to
Results for all three stages in total today.
Nico Vouilloz  28:19
Mark Weir 28:48
Jerome Clementz 28:57

Matt Ryan 29:09
Ben Cruz 30:02
Marc Beaumont 30:15
Fabien Barel 30:34
Andreas Hestler 31:29
Steve Jones (!)  31:44
Rowan Sorrell 32:22
No surprise to me to see the Cannonade Over Mountain team bad asses (in yellow) all in the top 5!

Ok back to reality I also had a great ride on Saturday with my bud Dave. If you remember early this year I mentioned how James Wilson of stated that you need to find your 3 riders, one better, one equal and one less in riding abilities. Well Dave is my one better for sure. I love riding with him because it pushes me and he shows me new lines also he gives me pointers on cleaning different stuff. He is super good at riding technical features. His pointers helped me clean the Y skinny in the XX for the first time and both of the long tree rides! it was great! Very confidence inspiring and can't wait to nail it a few more time! Plus he knows a shit ton about bikes and is pretty much into the same type of riding as I am so it's fun to chat with him on and after the ride! However this led to time slipping away and my 2 hour ride turned into close to 4hrs! oops! haha.
Saturday afternoon was pretty much just hanging with Kelly and Jerry and then I went and watched Kelly bowl during her league.
Believe it or not I didn't drink at the bowling alley. I know amazing, not really I'm just a cheap ass and there pitchers were like $9-11 ! Holly shit that's a lot and this was in Cottage Grove, I was like what no drink specials for league and the guy basically told me league people don't get anything special and no specials on Saturday so I a rock star and was wired! haha.
Sunday morning we got up super early for Kelly, my normal time 530am and packed the car with Jerry's stuff and some outfits and headed up to Duluth for the day. We were going to have our engagement pictures taken at Lester Park. Which has mtb trails but I didn't get to take my bike but now is on my list to ride next year because it looked fun and reminded me of the Black Hills plus I've read there are a bunch of sick raw trails up there! The pictures turned out great and I had a lot of fun goofing off in front of the camera.

After the photo shoot we went to Grandma's Sports Garden for lunch, they had $5 pitchures but I try not to drink on Sundays so no dice. Glad we didn't stay to watch all the Vikings game, bahahaha they are junk. Also glad I'm not a Vikings fan or much of a football fan at all. When we were finished we walked around Canal Park and let Jerry go in the lake. He didn't stay in long, not sure if it was because of the coldness of the water or if he was afraid of the waves. He's never seen waves before.  Then he chased the seagulls and then it was time to go sit in traffic! It took a solid 15mins to get out of the parking lot and then Hwy 35 is under construction, no problem coming up 2.5hrs like normal, it had to be a solid extra hour longer of travel coming back home!
Anyways over all it was great weekend, I had a blast and the leaves are starting to change so that means winter will be here soon!

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