Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Report

Well non of the sites have a day 3 report, bummer but here it is straight off of Jerome Clementz Facebook page! Three Jekyll riders on top, yeah buddy that means the Cannondale Over Mountain team stood on the podium today!
If you want the full day two report click here. As for my day, Kelly had to go out of town again for work so it was just Jerry and I. When I got home from work I went for a 2.5-3mile run with Jerry to get him some exercise and then I changed into riding close and headed out on the LHT. I figure I better get some miles on that bad boy. I just found out last weekend that I some how made the cut fort he Dirt Bag I thought I was late for sure but after looking at the roster they must have been feeling generous or maybe they gave vets a break, haha. Anyways I'm in good mtb shape but not sure about an epic distance ride like that so I will have to step up the miles in the month to come!
I hope you all are having an easy, fun week it's no the half way point, keep your eye on the prize!
Keep it real!

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