Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in Black

It was a great week in the black hills with Kelly and my parents. I will have to say that I have spent more then enough time in a car over the last few weeks. 6hrs to my parents on Tuesday night and then 7hrs in the car to devils tower, an hour walking around there. Grab some lunch in Sundance WY and then an hour to Spearfish. We spent the night there. I had to grab a tub so I headed over to Rushmore Mountain Sports they are a group of great guys. I was chatting it up there, had a great beer from the Crow Peak Brewery and then it was suggested to me that I should ride Crow Peak in the AM. So that is what I did. More about that later. I will do a separate blog about each ride. It did take my dad and I a while to find the trail head as it isn't very well marked from the road. There is a small pull off that looks a like a half ass parking lot with a fence and a gate after driving 5 miles further down the road we decided that must be it and after walking up the trail about 150 feet or so there was the to trail head sign!
After the ride it was back to the hotel and loaded up all our gear, showered and headed south to Custer State Park to Legion Lake Lodge. It was great to get there and take a load off. I woke up early the next morning, Friday, and hit up the Centennial Trail which is located just behind Legion Lake. It was great to get out for some epic mtb two days in a row this trail is awesome but MTB was definitely an after thought when it was designed and it is noticeable with some of the gnarly climbs and descents. That afternoon was spent on the back of a horse. Not my normal mode of transportation but it was also extremely fun! I had a great time tho.
Again I woke up early on Saturday morning and headed out the opposite direction this time for some more epic mtb. Which again I will write more about this in another blog. After the ride we went into Custer walked through some of the stores, played the hardest mini golf course ever! and then went for a kayak around Legion Lake.
Over all it was great week, I love the Black Hills and love it even more now that I've rode them! If you haven't tasted the sweet epicness of the mtb in the BH you need to!
Keep it real!

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