Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tacky as an 80's Prom Dress

Ok well we have made it to thirsty Thursday for all you college folks or those of you that are still holding on to the golden years, haha. Yesterday was a great day, the weather was nice and work went quickly. I headed straight home after work, a quick little chat with me pretty lady and scratched Jerry's ears and grabbed the ripper and headed over to Leb. Today's plan was to do a hard fast ride. On lap, blue double black and blue out with as limited stops as possible. This wasn't really an issue but my OCD did come into play a couple times. I was ripping hard, in the zone. Light hands and heavy feet, when you have that position and are conscious of it the bike just feels so much more alive and snappy. I cleaned everything first try until that damn tree ride! That was the first OCD hold up I gave it 5, 5 f'n tries and never got past the half way point, whatever. I'm chalking it up to being out of breath, haha-lame i know. The trail was almost perfect, tacky in most places, just enough to leave a little tread mark and the tires were grippin' super sick style! With a nice sheen on the rocks. A couple nice power drifts and quick through the rock gardens. I was really trying to work on my vision. Looking through things really works, you have to trust your bike and skills but it allows you to hit lines, hold them and go fast! Still a work in progress, especially in rough sections, like rock gardens but it makes it way easier to ride balancing sections. I was feeling solid through the double black, cleaned everything but the Y skinny, just didn't make it to the end but did ride most of it. I can tell when I start to fatigue my corners aren't as crisp and I start to creep forward on the bike which makes me off balance and I'm not in as much control. This is when I really need to focus and push myself. Over all great short, hard ride. 9 miles in under an hour and could have been way faster had I not sessioned the two tree rides and the Y skinny for probably 5 mins or so each.
I hope you all get out and enjoy the trails this weekend. I love the fall but it will be gone shortly and then my season is most likely over.

Keep it real!

PS: if you want to read a good write up of the trans Provence by one of the riders Andreas Hestler, click HERE 

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