Friday, September 23, 2011

Nite rider

The title says it all I went to leb last night and went for my first night ride ever. It was pretty sweet, not as sweet as a morning ride when I can see everything and really push my limits and work on technique and not just try to see and survive but it was cool. I don't own my own lights so I met my friend Porter there about 530ish, the MORC group ride starts at 6 which means about 3/4 of a lap now in light and then 1/4 in low light and then the rest in darkness. The light worked great they are all super bright some of those guys look like they have frickin' car head lamps on there bikes but it's all good. I would definitely do it again but not sure if I'm so amped about it that I'm going to go drop $100+ on some lights. I like to be able to ride the tech stuff and at speed and I just couldn't get my eyes dialed in to the depth perception and it made jumping damn near impossible to judge the landing, sketchy! haha.

The first part of the ride was great the trail was primo, not as tacky as it could be but tires were definitely grabbing nicely. Some slips might be because I need some new rubber but hey seasons almost over that's when I work on my bike. It was great to get to ride with people, since I spent the majority of the summer riding by myself, which I also like a lot. It gives me time to reflect on life and really focus on what I want to and redo sections as many times as I want until I get it dialed.

I've decided that even though my balance on my bike is good it's not great. I tried 5 times to do the skinny Y in the double black to fail all 5 times, so I will be slack lining as much as I can until it snows and I will also be building my own skinnies, since 2x4s are cheap and using them in the back yard till it snows and then in the garage over the winter as well as working on epic long track stands! I think that will help.

I've also been trying to spark some interest into the MTB crowed about an Enduro race, people seem interested a couple said they would try to help organize it, so that's a start. I've been checking out videos about any some what local super d races, which are similar but not as cool. The problem I've found is that a lot of them are basically short, point to point glorified xc races and that is not what an "all mountain" race should be. Be it Super D or Enduro. The difference is they should both be majority gravity driven, technical and short. Super D is one slightly longer race usually with a mass start and enduro is a series of shorter majority dh runs done as time trials that require the ride to ride to the next stage! But the key is MAJORITY DH and TECHNICAL this isn't a race that someone on a hard tail 29er should win. It is possible but shouldn't be plausible unless you're amazing then more power to you and even then after the race you should be wishing or thinking "yeah I probably should have used a full suspension with 4-6inchs!" haha.

Lastly I really want to build a snow bike, no not a fat tire snow bike but a snow ski bike! I know they sell them but I think I could take an old Huffy BMX bike and a pair of old skis and build one for about $50. So that might also be on my winter to do list. What an awesome way to pass the winter, DH snow biking! haha epic!
Keep it real!

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