Friday, September 30, 2011

Let the good times roll!

What more needs to be said? Nothing, I have no words to describe this!

Now that the party has started lets keep it rockin'! We only have to get through the next 8hrs and then we are free from the man! Keep your head up and lets do it!

So my plans for the weekend are cool but not crazy. My mom is in town. She got in last night and will be staying till Sunday. She's here to help with the wedding planning and things like that. Tonight were all going to a flower looking appointment, not sure what to call it, and then the lady folks are going to look at wedding dresses and I'm going to go sit at home or something maybe I'll work on some bike skills/tricks in the driveway and then we are going out to eat.
Tomorrow the plan is to get up meet this guy from Canadia ehh at Lebanon and show him around. I hope he's a ripper, I love riding with really strong riders, helps push me. I'll be doing that while the lady folks are doing more dress shopping and then we'll meet back up and do some more shopping to please my mother and who knows.
Sunday probably hang out with the mom, probably wont involve bikes to my chagrin, haha and the new agreement between Kelly and I is that after 5pm on Sundays it's no bike Kelly and Chance only time. So that works for me!
I hope you all have great plans for the weekend!

Keep it real!

Trans Provence up date: My boy/inspiration to rip harder Jerome Clementz is in the lead- if you don't know about this guy do your research! He is one of the hardest rippers in the game!
Standings After Day Four
1) Jerome Clementz 02:04:22
2) Nico Vouilloz 02:05:25
3) Mark Weir 02:05:42
4) Fabien Barel 02:07:42
5) Matt Ryan 02:10:23
6) Marc Beaumont 02:17:08
7) Rowan Sorell 02:18:55
8.) James Richards 02:24:12
9) Steve Jones 02:25:14
10) Andreas Hestler 02:28:29
1) Tracy Moseley 02:37:34
2) Anka Martin 02:48:56
3)I ngrid Hohermuth 02:58:01
4) Kara Bolelema 03:23:51
5) Fiona Thomson 03:59:31
Click HERE for video

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