Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow up

So I stumbled across this article on and figured it pertained to my last blog so I thought I would throw up the link and let you all read it. It is great and it really goes through the logic of this style of riding and hopefully the progression of the sport and might give you a little more insite into what I'm hoping to accomplish and why I want to do it.

Jerome Clementz Killing it!

This is one of my favorite quotes from it:

In my opinion, the state of mountain bike racing in North America needs help. As a bike racer who has seen it all, I'm able to take a pragmatic approach and help nudge things in the right direction. A lot of riders, including myself, have gotten tired of people talking about a race like this. Time for a change. Selfishly and personally, I don't want to be too old when these bike races start catching on. Ask old man Weir, he knows what I'm talking about- Ross Schnell

and this one from the author- haha:

It was refreshing to see the dichotomy of DH machines battling high-posting XC bikes all in one venue. There aren’t many bike races where you see XC dorks wearing skinsuits and knee pads,

Click here to read the whole story!

Keep it real!

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