Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Ride

Kelly is gone for the next couple days for work. She left yesterday at 3pm or so and will be back on Friday about 3pm and of course it looks like it's going to rain the whole damn time! haha figures but I was able to sneak a sweet ride in at BC last night with Stu. Stu had just completed the chequamegon 40mile xc race. It sounds like he had a good time. Also sounds like I will never be competing in this event. It has a bunch of fire road, not exciting and also not technical in nature plus almost 2000 people at the start? nope not for me. Now a 40mile point to point technical single track race would be epic, like on the centennial trail in the black hills that would be cool!
Speaking of epic races you all need to check out the Trans-Provence now this race is epic and they offer a non-competitive guided ride for about 1500 bucks, granted its in Europe but that's a 7 day ride and includes food (3 meals a day), lodging and what ever shuttling is needed! That is a cheap, fun and exciting vacation! Both the race and the guided ride are now on my bucket list! Some day I'll post up my bucket list, I first have to put it all down on paper!
Trans- Provence Teaser
So back to the ride, I decided that I would take Stu to some of the hidden gems that I found up top when I was riding with my buddies for a-town. There is a DH run that is hands down one of the best DH runs in the twin cities. It has to be one of the longest too and to boot if I can get this race off it will be a featured run! I just love how raw and natural BC is. It just adds a tech factor to riding that you can't really get anywhere else here. Elk River is pretty close and the nice thing about elk river is it is laid out way nicer and has better flow. Over all the ride was great a nice 1.5hr mtb ride I was feeling fast and flowy and the bike was handling well. The fork is still feeling weird but I read on a bunch of forums that if you have stock FOX seals and scrubbers you need to store your bike upside down a couple days a week to keep them moist with oil so I did that and they said that you should lube your stanchions before each ride, did that as well and also lowered my air pressure and I am now getting more of the stroke out of my fork but still not the full 150mm travel and now the sag is much more then the 25% recommended so yeah. It needs a rebuild but I'm hoping to ride it out for the next month! This rain should make the trails primo! I know BC and Leb where dangerously dry but in a day or so they should be so fast and tacky! I'm so excited!
Keep it real!

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