Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years all, well looks like we got a white new years since the white Christmas evaded us, haha. I hope you all had a great New Years, I hope non of you made any stupid choices and drove home or rode home with a drunk and if you did I hope even more that you made it home safe!
My New Years Eve started out with a sick ass ride at BC. I got there first and rode up and did a couple of the cool spots until I saw Trevor show up. We called Tim to see where he was and he was still 30mins away so we headed down to the luge but took a detour down the wall of death trail. I love that one because it's pretty technical, unfortunately it's a bit short but I'll take what I can around here. Honestly if MORC or the land managers would spend even half the money and time at BC as they did at places like Lebanon or Cuyuna, they could probably have one of the best mtb courses in the state and probably the best trails in the cities for sure! There is so much elevation gain and loss there its crazy. Tons of sweet chutes and bluffs, it could be endless switch back climbs and flowy and technical descents!
That  being said as we (Trevor and I) were pushing up to the top of the luge we noticed the couple chutes that have always intrigued us and Trevor said some day we should ride those and we started looking more at it and I was like F it lets clear some leaves and do it!
So we picked the less intimidating of the two and started to clear the leaves. As we started to work towards the top, we quickly realized how steep it was. We could hardly walk up it and at the top we had to pull our selves up with the help of trees. Thankfully we don't have to pull out bikes up that way, there is a trail that leads to the top. We rode to the top and were looking around and saw the start of the other chute we wanted to run, so we knew where we were going next but first we had our challenge ahead. I was looking at it and Trevor was talking about route and was like F it and just went for it and got a bit down the first steep and my back kicked out and I slide a bit and then grabbed a tree and pulled myself and my bike back to the top. Less rear brake this time! and wham bam thank you ma'am! I made it and it was fricken awesome, I was jacked! Midwest free ride at it's best or at least twin cities free ride haha yeah!
Trevor nailed it too and we were quickly pedaling back to the top to check out the other one and start clearing the leaves.
After we started walking this one we both agreed that this one was cooler and not as steep as the other line. First run for me was lookin' good till right before the sweet little drop at the end and my handle bar clipped a tree and spun me out, Trevor nailed it first run. We went back to the top and did it again, this time perfect! I love that line. I wish there was more trail like that. I love the steep runs. The ones that push your skills and make you pucker up! To me that is what "MOUNTAIN" biking is all about! and around here we don't have mountains so we need to make up for it with what ever we can find!
We continued to session the luge for a bit longer, can't go wrong with that, love railing those berms and hitting that table!
After riding I went home picked up Kelly and Jerry and headed to the dog park for a bit. The plan was to go see the Root City Band down in Burnsville but after we thought about it we had spent enough money going to watch Brock Lesner get his ass kicked by Alister Overeem so we would go see a movie instead. I was fine with that.
We went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, man that movie was bad ass. One of the best movies I'd seen in a long time. It really kept you thinking and was full of twists and turns. After the movie we went home and watch the ball drop and played with Jerry.
The one thing I'm glad about is not having that ridiculous hang over I would have had if I would have gone out.
I hope you all had a great New Years! Make some great resolutions! Mine is to save some more money and become a better rider and ride as many new places and trails as possible!
Keep it real!

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