Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter in review.... to date....

What it's winter? Are you sure? what date is it? Holy shit it's almost January? are you serious? Yeah I know it feels like an ofly long October or maybe November but definitely not late December almost the new year! We have no snow and highs in the forties almost 50s! What the F is going on here! I had all these plans for the winter months, ice climbing, XC skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, hockey, DH skiing.... ect! Nope I've gone XC skiing twice and they were both on the same day, the day we got 3 inches in a few hours. To date I think we have about 7 inches total, this time last year we had multiple feet sitting on the ground and a total over 30 inches! I know I like mild winters and the temps are nice. Easier to start the car, less warm up time so less wasted gas and lower heating bills but seriously no snow! This sucks its not winter its an extended fall! On the bright side I have rode my bike this winter when I was pretty sure when I put it away that morning we got the 3 inches of snow I was done for the year. I actually rode it the day before Christmas, a little urban assault ride down at Harriet Island, there are some cool things to do some easy trials riding on. I'm sure you could do more advanced stuff but I'm not that good. That was a great time and then yesterday I got out for an hour at Lebanon. It was starting to get pretty wet and slimy when we were finishing up.
I can't believe how out of breath I was right away. I settled in but I thought with all my training I would be ready to rip but maybe it was all the beer I drank the night before. I don't know.
I hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine went really well. No travel this year so just relaxing. I got some cool presents too. My mom lets me order my own presents so IXS had a sweet sale 30% off all gear so I got a full face helmet, knee pads and shins from my parents, some clothes, money, treats and 3 minute gaps from Kelly's parents! I'll do a review on the video in the days to come but it was sweet!
I hope you all got everything you wanted! and lets hope we get at least a couple months of winter, cold enough to get some good ice and a couple feet of snow!

Keep it real!

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