Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gear Review

First off I've never used this product, although I really want to! I really would love to try one out but they do not exist around here or at least I can't find them anywhere but the Internet, :( What is it you say? Well it is the Freeride Trail Backpack from Evoc, it's a German bag maker and they make some sweet ass bags. I've asked around and no one had even heard of them and QBP doesn't even have them on their brands they carry so I'm guessing no LBS will be able to get on.
Let's start wit the fun stuff, the pictures!

First off just look at how cool it looks. I know it's way sweeter looking then my day pack, but what are the advantages of buy this bag over lets say an Osprey or a Camelbak....?

Well let start with it's size. It is 20 litre and that means you can carry as much as you need for a short 1 hour trail ride at your local ride center or for an epic multi day trip to, lets say the Maah Daah Hey Trail and it has a 3 litre water bladder. I know if you are like me, you can never have enough water.
Second it has some nice features like a sleeve to put your lid in if you are hiking or better yet getting into some enduro where it helps to have two helmets. A light trail helmet for the journey and climbs and a full face for the payoff and fun section! As seen above, no matter what helmet you have on your head the other goes in your pack as well as you can take off your protection and put it on the bottom of your pack for easy accessibility when you get to the top of the mountain!

Speaking of protection, how about a built in spine and hip protector! I know that is one reason I where a backpack and believe me it has saved me more then once. It is definitely confidence inspiring to have a solid pack on your back that will save your ass when you go over the bars, because it's not if it is a when, when you are riding the fun stuff and pushing your limits like I like to do!

And you just can't beat the organization of this pack. I am not a very organize person but it's hard not to be with this pack. I just love the thought of not having to dig for all my stuff when I get a flat or have a mechanical! How nice and easy and when you are packing you can see everything you need and have already.
I know that I really want to have this pack before I go out to the black hills next fall, especially if I am thinking about doing the Dakota 5-0. I would really like to have it before we go to Whistler in June for our honey moon so we will see if I can scrounge up some extra cash for a gem like this!
For some first hand knowledge of the pack check out these guys, a couple crazy Australian's at Bewicked

I hope you enjoyed this and check it out! Looks like a killer option.

Keep it real!

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