Monday, December 12, 2011


For some reason I cannot comment on my own blog, whatever so here is my reply

I knew I might get a comment from you (Ben), I meant no offence to you or anyone that rides a 29er, or wears lycra, I totally made that statement in the blog:
"I don't have anything against people riding 29ers or wearing lycra or set up their bike differently then I do. I think people should ride what makes them happy, wear what they like and ride the set up that is most comfortable to them. Am I against people riding differently then me or having a different style then me? NO, no way."

And the key word in your statement is you have a smile on your face and I know from personal experience that you are very passionate about the sport and not just out there to count laps but have a good time! As well as you have a different agenda then most riders and that is because you are an endurance athlete.
I understand the root painting if it is a safety issue for kids or for insurance purpose.

I was just making a point that there is a rift happening in this sport as much as there was in BMX 15 years ago, with alternative riding and racers, some cross both but most shouldn't be lumped into the term "BMXer" just like not everyone should be lumped into the term "MTBer" just because they have a bike that is labeled a mountain biker.
And by no means did I mean any offence or disrespect to the single speed community, there are some pretty seriously gnaly single speed riders out there.
The point of the blog was to get people thinking about why they are out there and to question why people are catering to this new crowd and straying from the roots of mtb by sanitizing and simplifying the courses. Is it for industry growth? If so is that the type of industry growth we as a mountain bike community should want?
Also I mean no disrespect the road, cyclocross or gravel racing community as they are all great aspects of the cycling world in their own right but are in no shape Mountain biking and should not be a standard that mtb should be held to. If you truly think about it those three facets are very similar in training and bike design and set up but a mountain bike has very few similarities in geo and design beyond it having two wheels and being chain driven. Different bars, different tires, different geo... ect you could go through the bike and point them all out and it doesn't stop there. It goes through to riding style and training. Mountain biking is a sport of short burst explosive energy. It is a high intensity cardio activity that requires an equal amount of strength to endurance.  Much of the riding IMO is more similar to a bmx racer then a road racer. Standing and cranking up steep climbs, lower seat position, and standing and flowing down the descents instead of tucking and getting as aero dynamic as possible.
Again ride what you like and what allows you to have fun. I'd personally just like to see more options for more real mtb trails and less dirt highways.
Keep it real!
this is where I got most of my fuel for my fire as well as many long conversations with my riding budies:

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  1. I didn't think you meant any disrespect. Just tossing it out there.
    But you are a dick!