Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone I hope every one is having a great and blessed holiday. I also hope everyone got everything they wanted from Santa!

This Christmas has been a bit trying for Kelly's cousin's  little 4 year old daughter Madelyn. Her birthday was today, Christmas but 2 weeks ago she was diagnosed with ALL leukemia. It is very unfortunate as she turned 4 today and I would have to say that is an awful Christmas and Birthday gift but she is staying possitive and is a very strong little girl. The doctors say her out look is very good. 90% chance she will be free from cancer after the 2 year treatment but that is a long time and she will need all the support she can get. So check out her caring bridge blog here. You do have to enter a valid email address but it doesn't send you anything so help by supporting her here:

There will also be a silent auction coming up sometime in the near future so I will keep you all up to date on those details as they come my way but if anyone has anything they would like to offer up for the auction or knows someone I should contact, please let me know!

Keep it real!

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