Monday, January 2, 2012

what's to come this year?

What is on your schedule for the 2012 season/year? Well for me it is going to be a jam packed year and probably go super fast. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing but it is what it is.
This year in general Kelly and I are getting married on June 2nd, very exciting! and then going to Whistler for a week for our honey moon. I believe we have a couple weddings we will be going to and we will be going out to the Black Hills in September. That is all I can think of for sure.
As for involving biking, as soon as spring comes I will be busy building the Lexington Street Bike Park, not sure how long that is going to take but I'm hoping not that long. The quicker the better. I would like to have it mostly completed before our wedding and trip to Whistler. This will depend on the weather but it's looking promising so far.
I will also be involved in Lebanon Trail work. I will help as much as I can but you probably wont see me there in the spring, at least not until Lex is complete.
Whistler, of course I can't go there with out riding! I'm pretty stoked to shred the shit out some real big mountain riding! I just hope my skills will be up to par. I have been studying my skills books, Mastering Mountain Bike Skills by Lee McCormick and Mountain Biking The Manuel by Chris Ball as well as getting out while the weather allows and focus on proper technique and will increase as spring comes. You can gain a lot by just doing cornering drills in the parking lots, riding curbs, practicing track stands, manuals and doing some urban assault riding. I have been in the gym 3-4 days a week all winter and I'm going to step up my gym training about 6 weeks prior to make sure I  can physically handle the 8hrs straight of riding because that is all I will get, so I have to make the most out of it!
I would like to do the Cuyuna Fat Tire festival but I'm not sure if that will happen. Depends on the weekend they pick.
As for races, I'm not sure if I'm going to be doing much of it or not. I would like to do some Super D races but haven't found that many close to home yet, so we will see. As it goes now I will be competing at the Giant's Ridge DH race. The only DH race in MN in 2012. I am also thinking of doing the Dakota 50 race with some friends. I have until April to choose if I'm going to commit to this or not, as that is when registration opens. I might also do some of the Buck Hill XC races, could be good cross training as well as I might try to organize some under ground super d races at BC. More like a poker night, couple bucks to enter and pay out a couple spots, we'll see.
Riding trips? Well as it stands right now. I will for sure be going to Whistler. I will for sure be going to Cuyuna to ride with my uncle at least once but probably more. I am also planning on making a trip to copper harbor with some buddies, I would like to hit up the tech trails and Marquette while I'm up there as well. Also tons of local riding. I will be trying out as many of the metro trails that I haven't rode yet. I have heard really good things about the rawness of Mammoth in Chaska. I'm sure there is more  cool places I will hear of as the season goes on and I will definitely ride as much as possible when we go out to the Hills! I can't wait!
I hope you all have some sweet stuff planned! It is always a good idea to have one big thing planned for riding, such as a race or a big trip, as it will give you something to train for and will keep you going!
Keep it real!

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