Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Duluth Traverse

Wow, I have heard rumors about things happening up in Duluth but this is going to be epic! Duluth and the North Shore area, IMO has it going on! They can almost live up to the "North Shore" BC style if this is done right! They have the topography and natural terrain to make some serious epic trails! I hope they bring out the big guns for this. They received a $250,000 Legacy grant, so money shouldn't be the issue, I know COGGS is leading this and is backed by IMBA and I'm sure MORC will be throwing their 2 cents in. That means a lot of trail creating genius involved in this!
Check on the proposed plan here!
and diagram of projected lay out here:
also more information on riding Duluth here:

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  1. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Totaly agree with you that Duluth area has some dope AM/freeride potential!