Monday, January 9, 2012

all systems down

Well system outage at work so what better time to get caught up on blogging, am I right or am I right? haha.
Ok so this last week went rather quick and was uneventful. The weather sucks, well I guess it is nice but it's not much of an off season this year, I could theoretically ride my bike everyday on dirt to boot! I haven't been but I have been on my bike quite a bit. I went for an urban ride, it went well. I have really been working on the things I have been reading in the Mastering Mountain Bike Skills by Lee McCormick and Brian Lopes, great book, no BS, straight to the meat. Much better then my first skills book I bought which was Chris Ball's Mountain Biking the Manual, not saying it was a bad book but it was more of a book for complete noobs, it was more of a history reader about mountain biking then an instructional book but it did have some bad ass pictures.
Lee is coming up to MN this April sometime to help with the High School Mountain Bike League coaches summit and sounds like he might be doing some clinics, I will be the first in line for that! and you should be right behind me. I guarantee you won't get better instruction from anyone around here. They will just tell you to were Lycra, get clips and a 29er, haha jk but seriously you should check it out and I will keep you up dated as I find out more info.
The weekend:
Friday we went out to eat with our friends Mel and Adam, had a couple drinks and then went home and watched this God awful movie American Loser with Sean William Scott, I fell asleep, it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen!
Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and cleaned the house and then rented Mr. Poppers Penguins, this was actually pretty good and pretty funny. Miles better then Friday's choice.
Sunday my buddy Stu hit me up and we met up with 3 other guys and headed to Sandstone MN the Ice Quarries for a nice day of climbing. Surprisingly the ice was fabulous. The main reason is that it is on a south facing wall in a valley by a river, so it is always cooler and well protected from the sun. The weather was amazing though, mid 30s! I only did 3 climbs and the others did like 5 or so but it was my first time out this season and I was pumping out pretty hard and I wasn't really on my game so on the harder routes I just bowed out with the shit got hairy. Your head has to be really be in it to commit to some of the more technical stuff. Pictures to come! I took a bunch.
That night we just hung out and watched TV, I fell asleep early, laying with the dog on the couch watching junk TV.
I hope you all had a good weekend!

Keep it real!

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  1. I'm defintely going to make it back home if Lee does a clinic. His book is fantastic!