Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trail bike guide

Wow this could be the most extensive guide I've ever seen and the nice thing is that it lets you click compare and compare the bikes specs head to head right there! I think there is every bike that is worth considering listed on here as it is multiple pages long and the bikes range in all price ranges. Some of the bikes have reviews on but not all, unfortunately. The bike that caught my eye the most wasn't because of its looks but because it's price and review was the Airborne Marauder, it is heavy but the specs are decent and it only costs $700! Holly crap, it is a mail order bike, which has its drawback for sure but if you want to break into the full squish mtb scene and don't have much money and are willing to pedal a beast, this bike is for you and you can upgrade it piece by piece and lighten your load at the same time. It looks very similar to the Santa Cruz Heckler or Butcher IMO and it is also a single pivot bike.
I don't know judge for yourself but definitely check this list out first if you are looking at getting a new bike!



  1. Hey dude -- I know you're looking for a new trail bike and I know you're looking at more gnarly North Shore-type brands, but the new Specialized Stumpy EVO has been getting phenom reviews. And plus you could prob get a good deal at Eriks and also hook up a demo. Everything seems about right as far as specs and geo (and it has the dropper post/chain guide etc already on it). http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCProduct.jsp?spid=62068&scid=1100&scname=Mountain
    What do you think?

  2. I think that the evo is a great bike and deserves the reviews that it is getting. I haven't rode this model but the original Stumpy was a beefy XC bike. This does look like a nice up grade. The geo looks almost spot on. It has a 67 degree HA which is right in the market, Mark Weir and Ross Schnell agree that a 66 degree HA is perfect for a trail bike, so its close. I like the ISCG tabs and the chain guide and dropper post. I do like that this bike is spec'd with non-proprietary spec parts at least where they count but I feel it is over priced like most of the Spec bikes. At that price you should get a nicer shock, fork and maybe even rims, I don't know much about the rova wheels. Other then the price the bike looks sweet. I do want a 36mm stanchion fork with 20mm thru axle with a tapered head tube to get the stiffest front end I can get. As well as a 142x12 rear axle.
    This bike does have the right axles and the fork could be easily changed. I will definately be testing this bike out but right now the top of my list is still the RMB slayer and the Norco Range

  3. Word. I have to check out the specs on the RM and the Norco. I think specialized dealers often price below the MSRP so I bet the actual cost is closer to $3k (and maybe MORC discount?). Also, I think the shock is pretty nice (same as on the Expert model no?) and ppl are higher on RS now than in the recent past, although I don't know about this particular model. I've only had Fox forks, but I had a Reverb and SRAM has super good warranty/customer service on that and on my avid brakes, so that's a plus. I also don't know much about the wheels, but I'd expect a decent pair at that price. Like I said, I haven't checked out the RM and Norco models, but I'm thinking this and maybe the Reign have to be the cheaper legit AM trail bikes out right now....unfortunately I'm not in the market right now, but 3 years from now when I'm buying I'm hoping there will be tons of options in this segment.

  4. **cheapest* legit AM trail bikes out right now*

  5. Well you are right most shops will run a couple hundred under msrp and there is the more discount of 10% I think so that would put it around 2800 or so I would have to guess. But that bike is spec'd about the same is my reign with a dropper post, again, not sure about the rims but they are spec proprietary rims I believe. The shock that is on the bike is the RP 2 and that has no adjustability. I have that shock on my bike now, it isn't bad but I would expet and RP23 at least at that price. And the fork is the lower end RS, I have a floar r, very comprable and my bike MSRP is 2300 and the bike is on the shop floors for 2g's and you could put a 300 dollar dropper and be below the price. This is the spec sheet for the RMB slayer at the comprable price http://www.bikes.com/main.cfm?l=en&p=01_102&BIKE=990&CATID=1&SCATID=60&Y=2012&zone=2
    these bikes are always available in the winter on huck and roll and jenson so that is a bonus and the norco with comprable specs http://www.norco.com/bikes/mountain/all-mountain/range/
    the evo falls in between the two bikes for prices.
    again the evo is a great bike i'm sure but I'm not sure it is the bike that I want or need. When I purchase a new bike it is going to be as close to a do it all bike I can get. I want something I can ride daily here in mn, take to WI, the north shore, UP, The black hills and CO. Something that I can do multi day epics on the Maah Daah Hey and kokopelli trail but still be able to rip big mountains and maybe even toss in a shuttle run or two! and where better to be born if you are a bike then on the shore! and I'm sure in 3 years there will be epic bikes to choose from!

  6. Right on. Definitely not trying to push it, just keep seeing crazy reviews (although in fairness most of them are for the Carbon Expert EVO, which is a different animal and I'd have to sell a kidney to get). That Slayer 50 looks dope! A dropper post and chain guide on it and you'd need nothing else until something breaks! Also, that Yeti SB-66 in the Enduro build is the same price as the Slayer 50 and looks super sick as well! Oh man, you got me lusting big time now!

  7. HAHA well time to sell that kidney or get a second job at a bike shop then, haha, well that might be in my future too! The yeti is sick only think I would change is a 36mm stanchion fron fork. I have 32 right now and it's great around here but I was flexing the shit out of it on the chundry rocky down hills in the black hills and it feel unnerving! so next for for me will be a 36mm. looking at the x-fusion vengance, as you can change a couple thing internal and make it anywere from 100mm to 170mm of travel! Good luck with holding back your bike lust!