Tuesday, January 31, 2012

weekend= relaxing...?

For once that equation actually played out. I had a great weekend. It started Wednesday at 330pm, promptly I signed out of my computer, grabbed my stuff and high tailed it out of there before anyone could say anything to me or ask me to do anything else. I had to pick up Kelly's brother's friend and Jerry and head to St. Cloud where we would be meeting up with Tommy and Kelly. Thankfully we didn't hit much for traffic on the way up there.
We met them at Revolution Cycling and Ski, where I had made arrangements to leave my car for the weekend. A quick stop in to say hi to Harry and Brian and then tossed the bags in Kelly's car, got Jerry in the back seat and hit the road!
An hour and half later we stopped at Zorba's Pizza in Crosslake, grabbed a couple pies and headed to the cabin. Right away I could feel the tension melt away. Something about the cold fresh air and silence that will do that for you! Back to simple living. There is no running water up there in the winter. You have to use the out house or a tree for a bath room but luckily there is heat.
The next couple days was spent just chilling, ice fishing, walking around the lake with Jerry and watching movies at night. We watched Moneyball and Lincoln Lawyer. Both of which were really good. I was a little skeptical of both but was pleasantly surprised.
We headed back home on Saturday. Again stopping at Rev to pick up my car. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to Ben and wish him luck on the Arrow Head 135 but he wasn't working so I chatted with Brian, Mike and their buddy Matt. Mike is an endurance mtb racer as well. Last year he placed 6th at the US National 24 hour race, which is incredible if you ask me, and this year he is planning on competing in the World Championship 24 hour race that will be head in Vancouver BC, Canada. I wish him luck on that and it was good to talk to those guys again.
To fill you in on Ben he finish the race again this year, which is a huge feet in its self and also finished 5th again! So congratulation to Ben on his great finish!
As soon as I got home reality came crashing back to earth. The reality that we have had an offer on a house in Cottage Grove excepted and our inspection is on Wednesday at noon and if all goes well we will be closing on February 29th! I know it's exciting but also stressful as well as the reality that the wedding is fast approaching. I slept great at the cabin but the last few nights have been tossing and turning and restless night's sleep! I am ready to get this next few months behind me, while I am looking forward to all of it the stress and anxiety are not cool! haha

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Keep it real!

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