Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend

So the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful but it was nice and relaxing.  Saturday we went to the movie “Love and Other Drugs” with my mom, so it was a little awkward.  It was totally a chick flick that was borderline porno.  I truthfully don’t think that I have seen that much sex and boobs in a movie that wasn’t a porno to be honest.  No complaints from me! The rest of the day was spent chilling with my pops talking about the world’s problems and how we’d solve them while watching college football, the usually afternoon back home. That evening we just watched “Joana Hex” that was a pretty sweet movie, if I might add.
Today we were woke up with McDonald’s breakfast, not probably my first choice but I’m not going to turn it down. Then we loaded up the car, made sure it was operational, filled the tank and hit the road. The roads were great. The temp was in the 40’s, sun shining and minimal wind, can’t ask for much more!
Unfortunately now it is time to unpack and get myself ready for another wonderful week of work! I sure hope they get the hockey rinks ready to go pretty soon! I need a release now that the cycling season is finished for me! Don’t have the gear or the money to do much winter riding and it doesn’t really appeal to me at all.
Take it easy!

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