Monday, November 22, 2010

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the big show!

Hey everyone, it been a while since I've been on the blogging scene so forgive me for being a little rusty, I know my blogspot is a little sketchy right now but I promise to spruce it up over the next few days! If you don't know my back ground, I'm from SD and grew up riding my bike, racing bmx, freeriding, playing hockey and just partying hard! I graduated college from St Cloud State, got to love the Huskies! No one parties harder, one of the best chapter of my life, great time and great friends! When I graduated my girlfriend and I rode our bikes from New York to San Fran, not going into that too much you can check out my old blog if you want to read more about that. Plenty of reading on that subject if you like,
This last year I moved to the Twin Cities with my lovely girlfriend Kelly, can't ask for more with her! Tough to find someone to ramble across the country and spend 3 months in a tent with you, let alone a girlfriend! She rocks! So we've been living here now for about a year, there are a lot good opportunities here but not a big fan, can't ride my bike everywhere because it's too big and there are just too many damn people! I have a job, not a good one but it pays the bills and lets me do the stuff I love to do, namely ride my bike, rock and ice climb and go camping!
This last year in cycling, I realized I was becoming a fat pos so I decided to dust off the LHT for some good cardio training and discovered my long lost mistress! cycling. I forgot how free I felt on my bike, I hadn't rode my bike since we finished our trip the end of July '09. I basically became addicted, might have neglected my amazing girlfriend but because she is so amazing she simply supported my new found obsession and I started riding daily and longer and harder. Then I discovered cyclocross and found out a girl at my work races, the only good thing about my job, and got into that had a great time racing this fall. I did about 8 races and improved each time.
Now it's the off season and I'm currently saving to by my first quality mountain bike and maybe a BMX bike so I can expand my riding and racing for next season. I try to strength train as much as I can, so about 3 times a week. Just trying to be as ready as possible to come out ripping next year!

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