Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

Wow, how did I get talked into this? So Kelly had her little heart set on getting this 32” TV for 198 bucks so I said I would go stand in line with her. So we got up at 130AM! Ventured out into the freezing morning air and drove over to Wally World and hopped in line and sat and sat and sat. As it crept closer to the 5am sale time the line grew and the number of people in the store multiplied. I sat contently against a stack of Velveeta cheese and read a mountain bike magazine while Kelly chatted with this lady that was next to us in line. Finally it was time. The line started to move I went around the store and grabbed a couple other things while Kelly waited. I got my dad a Tom-Tom for 79bucks and a little 4gig mp3 player for 10 bucks. So I say it was a good trip, and then it was back to bed!  When I got up I enlisted the help of my brother Ethan to fix my car, it didn’t take him long. Thanks Ethan!
The afternoon was spent lounging and hanging out with my dog Scooby. That evening we checked out a-towns newest claim to fame, the Aberdeen Wings, a junior hockey team. It was pretty sweet actually. I’d say it’s somewhere between good high school and average college, but there is fighting and they sell beer!  May have had one too many of those, but heck it’s the off season! Training goes full speed after the New Year!

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