Friday, November 26, 2010

Long Road Home

Ah where to start. Wednesday Kelly and I went to the Wild game. The drive there kind of sucked due to the weather and we had to pay to park because we didn’t want to get a ticket when they were cleaning the streets. The first period was pretty good, it got cut short a bit when the Flyers dumped it in and the puck hit the lower corner of the glass and shattered. I’m not sure if the puck went through or if it was a piece of the glass that hit this kid in the face but he had to get medical help and probably some free swag, lucky!  The drive back was even slower.
The next morning it was time to head to a-town. Everything was going great got up at 7 showered, ate had everything packed went to start the car about 720, totally on schedule, went down about 725 to put some shit in the car, fuck! I locked my keys in the car while its running and I don’t have a spare! Un-fucking-believable!  So I tried the old wire hanger to no avail. Luckily Kelly has AAA and they were going to come unlock it, sweet, so we wait and wait. Then we get a call, I’m here! We look around I don’t see you, he went to the wrong address so after about an hour total of waiting the guy showed up and we were on our way. The bright side the car was nice and warm!
They drive to SD was uneventful; roads were really nice except the stretch from New London to Benson, Hwy 9. Pretty much as soon as we hit SD the wind started to blow and the temperature dropped, Pretty typical but leaving Milbank the wind really started to blow the little Subaru around. The wind blew so hard that I actually had to down shift going up Summit hill to keep it above 60. For you folks that aren’t familiar with Summit hill, it’s nothing spectacular maybe ¼-1/2 mile long about 6-8% grade but this day the wind was blowing so hard I had it pinned in 5th gear and was losing speed! WTF! Besides battling the wind the drive wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately the car suffered a casualty the oil sending unit blew out and I began to lose oil pressure. So I limped into town and will drive my parent’s car till I get it fixed.
Thanksgiving dinner was really tasty and there were no family crisis. So I rule it a win-win. I hope all of your Thanksgivings were amazing and I am thankful just to be back in SD healthy and with family!
Take it easy!

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