Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

So I am thankful that this week is over, I've definitely had enough with my job. They have basically jerked me around for the last month and it all boiled down to they don't feel that I'm qualified to do anything but answer a phone, so fuck them! Time to move on, anyone know of a good job? Well I'll be looking. Enough of the pity pot, it's time to celebrate! We should all be thankful to be alive, with family and be able to ride our bikes!
The weather is pretty shitty for travel but we'll make the best of it and hopefully get back to SD to chill for the weekend. The good side to the weather is that there is some snow now and it's turning cold so hopefully soon the ice rinks with be up, the trails will be groomed and the ice climbs will be in!
Take care all, be safe in your travels and have a wonderful thanksgiving. I'll leave you all with a little desert! Check this Danny MacAskill video out, this guy is off the chain! To have his balance would be epic!
Sorry couldn't get the video added to my blog so click on the link! later

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