Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ok next step please

The meeting went great! I am honestly not sure it could have gone any better without someone stepping up to sponsor the bike park.
All the people that attended were a little hesitant at first but after we explained the project and were the funding was coming from and who would be taking care of the property after it was built they were all excited and on board! A couple actually decided to speak in front of the Park Board and put in a good word. The park board was unanimous in voting yes for it and making a recommendation to pass it through to the City Council and they also had nice things to say about the Task Force and MORC about how passionate and dedicated we are!
I want to thank all the people that attended; it was a decent crowd about 10 people not related to the task force or MORC board. It went better than expected, to be honest.
Thank you to the task force for all your hard work, nice speech Chris Braaten, Tara Steele and Griff Wiggle. You could see the excitement in the Park Boards faces when the people were talking about how excited they were for this project. Thanks to Tara Steele for putting together our short video and Trevor Crawford for all the Auto Cad and google earth image work! Thanks to the MORC board and especially Reed for all their support! As well as my wonderful wife Kelly for supporting me and putting up with me having meetings and doing work for things like this all the time. 
I'm really excited about this. I think this will be a great park offering all sorts of different things for all type of riders and all skill levels.
I spoke with one of the council members and she was all about this so I hope it is all smooth sailing at the next city council meeting. I am not sure if they can sneak it in the 3/20 meeting or if it will have to wait till the 4/3 meeting but we should get the final word soon!
With that please let me know if you know of any one or business that might be interested in being a donor. That is our next step is to put together our donor/sponsor packet and hit the streets to find some funding for the parts of the park the city cannot fund at this time.

Thanks again!

From the top to the bottom:
Return line
4x (aka mountain cross) track
Advanced jump line (AKA slope style course)
Beginner/int jump line
MTB skills area
To the right are the pump tracks and tot track

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