Friday, March 29, 2013

A little more press

Here is another great article from Emily Buss from the South Washington County Bulletin

I rode my bike over the future bike park yesterday. The goal was to establish the best rout. No need for that because about 2 blocks from my house I can get on a bike path and it takes me right to the park on a nice rolly trail that winds through prairie. Yesterday I was really wet and kind of out of breath when I arrived. Those hills are tough on a single speed 24 inch BMX bike. The ride was 10-15 minutes. I know right, I am out of shape but I'm hoping that if I ride my bike there and back every time I go to do work or ride I will be in killer shape! I guess I need to step up the cardio or bike time. I like bike time... I will need to start riding more and this weather is totally helping me with the motivation to do so!

Keep it real!

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