Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's official!

Alright! Cheers, time to celebrate! The City Council and Mayor approved the park in its entirety last night. We will now begin the fundraising aspect of the project. We will need to raise money for rental equipment as well as materials so that we can build the skills area!
If you can’t tell I’m really excited and thankful for the help and support of Zac Dockter, the task force and Reed Smidt from MORC. All of our hard work finally paid off! This project is going to be huge and is going to be a great attraction for the City of Cottage Grove.
Besides raising money we will be raising awareness, creating a Facebook page and hopefully a buzz throughout the riding community. This park will be the second of its kind in the metro and the state of MN. I know there are other projects in the works right now so there may be potentially 4 total bike parks in the metro and a few others around the state by the end of the summer but from the plans I’ve seen none of them will be on the same level as this park.
Now Mother Nature needs to speed up the spring season to get rid of this snow. Before we can get in and start working the city will need to come in a clear the area in preparation for their prairie restoration project, which will give us a clean slate to start working.
Stay tuned for more information on when this project will begin. If you have any leads for potential sponsors please let me know.
Keep it real! 

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