Wednesday, August 1, 2012

where was I?

Well I'm sorry I haven't been posting much these days. I have been busy still trying to finish off the bike park. So I can ride more and maybe move on to the next project.

We were to have a build day on 7/21 but that got rained out pretty quickly. About 30mins of work. Total bummer since we had Ben the city operator out there with a skid steer ready to do some damage. Oh well that is how the ball bounces.

Last Wednesday I headed up to St. Cloud to pick up my new 24inch Cruiser DJ bike. It's a Haro 124 and it is a blast. The pump tracks are easier, faster and way more fun, not to mention I can get steezy over the jumps now! The icing on the cake is that my MTB wont get over abused now. I can keep that for the trail and DH stuff and bash this bad boy around on the jumps and pump track!

My buddy Griff came out last Friday when Trevor and I were out there doing a little work and a little riding and snapped some picks and helped us sweep and water the tracks here is his write up on

Yesterday was a great day at the park last night. Ben the city operator came out and moved some dirt for us during the day and for once we had a solid turn out of people, not sure they were there intentionally to work but got shovels in their hands! Had about 12 people over the 3 hours running shovels, brooms and rakes! It was great. Lot of work got done!

Hip option added to the advanced pump track. Intermediate pump track buffed a bit and is riding great-just a little more work needed on that one, buffed out some of the skid steer marks on the run way, the second jump got extended to add more pump ability for the next jump, which is a total sender now and we carved in the face of the forth large jump and shaped the back side of that jump. there is a safety berm there now but it will be getting bigger and more ridable. Spoke with Ben and he has his instructions for some additional dirt moving! If we keep up the big turn outs on Tuesdays and we could have this bad boy whipped into shape in no time!

Keep it real!

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  1. hey dude -- just an FYI, there was a RM Slayer 70 (fully decked-out) on chainlove today. I was really tempted even though there's no way I could pull the trigger right now on a new bike. Thought of you since you've been in the market for one.