Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The days of yore


How are all of you? Well life has been hectic as F for me! haha.... It is full speed ahead. Sorry I can't keep up with the blogging like the days of yore.
What have I been up to? Hmm.... The bike park is coming along slowly but its coming along. We buffed out the first berm in the return line last week and we will either do the next berm or finish the forth jump this week. I wish I had more time and a wee bit more help and commitment from other people. It is taking awhile with only two people doing the work. Anyways super excited to have it done and just be able to go their on Tuesdays and sweep, water and ride.

High school mountain bike league has officially started. We have had a few practices. We have 3 die hards and a few others that come and go as they see fit. The fourth amigo is a camp making some money right now so soon to be 4. I am the odd one out. The only person so far rocking the 26inch bike and he only full suspension rider but its all good. I crushed them on the short lap race we had the other practice... haha I know I know they are only 17! but I am way out of shape and on 6inch bike and they are on 29er hard tails and there was nothing technical about this short course, haha. I'm sure in a few weeks I will be back at the back of the pack were I belong.

Last weekend was the Brown County Fair or BCF as the youth are calling it these days and my 27th birthday, haha God I'm getting old! I don't really feel old. I still heal pretty quick, I'm healthy and bounce off the ground pretty well! I will say I'm a few LBS over my ideal weight. I was 5 lbs over my ideal weight of 175 when we went on our honey moon in June and put 9 more lbs on top of that to top out around 189 and have only managed to get down to around 185 and now I'm stuck. I'm hoping all this riding with the whipper snappers will help me get my ass back into shape. I have also started to take my nutrition more serious.

Ok enough of that boring stuff back to the BCF. It was a blast! Not as crazy as years past but still a really good time. The concerts were great. Jerrod Niemann and Dierks Bently tore it up! It was good to see the family and friends.

Unfortunately it wasn't all tulips and butterflies. A classmate and a friend, not a super close friend but we grew up playing sports together, decided that life wasn't worth living anymore and took his own life. It really saddens me. I guess I just don't understand but he wasn't the first class mate but I damn well hope he is the last! My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and close friends! God rest his soul!

Last night was a Salsa demo at Carver Lake and since I was already there for practices I grabbed a Horse Thief and gave it a short ride. I know you can't make up your mind in 4 miles but I was rather pleasantly surprised by the ride. I was forced to ride a Large as the medium was out and I didn't want to hang out too long. It was a bit too big for me but maybe if I had a short stem and a dropper post it would have been ok. The bike was surprisingly nimb and didn't really feel like I was on a 29er when we were at pace. However I knew right away I was back on a 29er when the speeds decreased and things got more technical. I would like to give a medium a go and really get out on a trail where I can put it through it's paces, like up at Piedmont in Duluth or the Black Hills. It would also be nice to have the bike that fit better and was set up more for me. The bars had a goofy swoop, I like my answer pro bars, 1 inch rise 9degree swoop and it had a 90 or 100m stem I would rather have a 50mm. I like a tight compact feeling bike as I really like to be able to muscle a bike and through it around. I did feel like I was on a bit of a monster truck but it was probably the best feeling 29er I've ever ridden and if and when I'm in the market for a new bike I would consider it. There are few more that I would like to try first. Rocky Mountain Element 950, Yeti SB 95 and the new Giant Trans x29er

Well I hope you all have had a nice last couple weeks. The weather feels like October already. I hope that doesn't mean an early winter. I still have some more riding I would like to do but if winter does come, I hope it really comes. I would like some snow to play in this year!

Keep it real!

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  1. Hey Chance, I'm going to be back in MN for a week on vacation and looking to ride (first week of Sept). Wanted to see if you were up for a Red Wing or BC ride, or Leb and bike park. Shoot me an email if you'd be down.

    agleckner at gmail