Monday, August 6, 2012

The Freaken weekend and what not....

Well last week wasn't too bad. I, along with some other people built some jumps and then went on with my business through the week. On Thursday I met up with Trevor at Lexington for 45mins of pump track and and some jumps. Then we headed over to Lebanon were we were to meet my buddy Stu at 6pm. I thought I was feeling pretty good, Lexington was a nice solid warm up. Chatted with Stu for a few minutes and then saw Dave and Craig. I forgot Thursday's were the Lebanon Group ride. So we hoped on the tail of that . I realized quickly that Lexington was more then a warm up as I was feeling the early stages of bonking. I was pretty bummed with myself. I have let myself get out of shape. My work outs are few and far between and my nutrition is terrible. It has just been a tough year for MTB in general.
Spring came early and was super busy with other more important life events and then summer never really came. The weather turned to rain shit and then go unbearably hot and now with fall quickly approaching it is like where has my summer gone what happen to my physical abilities... Who knows? My tech skills are still there. They hardly go away but being able to use them relies heavily on having enough energy and strength to do it when the time comes. I do not have this ability. Last summer at this time I would rip out 2 + laps at Lebanon on a normal ride! Now I am surviving 1 lap.
Back to survival. I was quickly fading and falling to the back. With Dave the animal in the lead. This guy has the XC motor and the DH skills, total package and unless you are on your A game, hard to hang with him! By about 1/2 way through the ride I was in no mans land sucking water just getting pissed at myself for becoming such a POS. We regrouped and started on our way through the blue out. About 1/2 way I caught my second wind and was able to hang with the group a little better and was feeling alright as we go to the green section.
We were barrelling down the first two big berms and bam! Not sue what happened but Craig was 2 riders in front of me and all I saw was dust and then heard him swearing up a storm! He some how clipped the only rock on the trail with his pedal and went down hard. The pins on his pedals did a number to his shins! Stu and I grabbed our spare tubes and used one as a tourniquet and the other as a wrap and got him up and on his way back to the parking lot.
He had to go to Urgent care and ended up with a 3 inch gash and 13 staples! Ouch!
This ride was my wake up ride. I went to the store on Saturday AM bought some protein and a vitamin and I am going to start building form nutrition up! I also started doing the no weights needed prisoner work out as well as planning on taking my rides more serious like last summer and making each of them count as a training ride in some form or fashion!
Copper Harbor enduro race is coming quick and I want to at least finish and not be dead! Then there is the Dirt Bag and Giant's Ridge DH.
Plus the high school mountain bike season is starting and I can't be a worthless slob role model for those kids! Time to step it up! Iit is never too late to get serious!
See you on the trail!

Keep it real!

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  1. I'm so jealous you're doing the Copper Harbor Enduro. I rode there a few wknds ago and it was amazing. You're going to love it. One stage is on a super fun flowy, pump trail, one is on a fast, but technical trail and one is steep and more technical. I'm hoping to make it back there this fall.