Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the prodigal son has returned

Hello world I just woke up from my blogging coma.... sorry.... Yeah so where the F have I been.... Well lets see, I've been super busy with the bike park and the new High School Mountain Bike league.

I'm volunteer coach with that. Basically I'm doing it to keep the youth from being 100% brain washed by the clip riding Lycra wearing dirt roadies, I just want the kids to experience MTB for them selves, make their own decisions and become quality life long riders. I want to give them the tools and skills to grow as they please and became serious shredders. You bet your sweet ass I encourage all my riders to rock flats and 26icnch bikes. Most are rocking flats but only 1 rider has a 26 inch bike but I'm not blaming them I'm blaming the industry for removing all the reasonably prices hard tail 26inch bikes, WTF! These kids don't have money to buy full suspension and that seems to be the only place you can get a 26inch bike these days and with that you have to get 130+ travel as well. Oh well they will make it.

The bike park is coming along. I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its about 85% built and the jump line is about 66% done. Just have the final return jumps to build and then its done. Then just some fine tuning and maintenance! I can't wait to just show up and ride!

The highlight of my hiatus was definitely the Bells Mountain Bike Festival in Copper Harbor MI! They are hands down the best trails I have ridden in the mid west! Trevor and I went up to the UP for like 4 days and rode and partied our asses off! I still might be recovering from it and it was over Labor Day, haha!

We raced the enduro and I crashed pretty hard on the last run of 3 going down Down Town, the dh run at Copper. It is a super sick trail and I simply never took it at race paced, miss judged my speed and missed my line by 6 inches destroyed my rim and broke my helmet but wasn't hurt so I got up and ran out the last 1/3 of the race and still finished 20 or 33 and there were 2 DNF so 20 out of 35 with 2 crashes wasn't bad IMO. I washed out in a corner on the Red Trail as well but that wasn't so bad just sucked some time. I totally know I could save a minimum of 3 mins off my total time with out the crashes and a little more training. Flow trail killed me. Its more of a slightly down hill flowing xc trail. There are a couple of mid run climbs that just trashed my legs, haha! But that's enduro you have to be able to ride it all and be consistent and do it all on 1 bike! I loved it! I can't wait to get back and crush it next year.


That should show you after my crash, haha
compliments of Hansi Johnson

keep it real!

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