Monday, September 17, 2012

The long and the short of it!

Ok so I said Copper Harbor was a blast but it was expensive! In terms of weekend trips in the midwest, at least for me. One gas was like $4.25 to $4.50 a gallonl dang! and then I desided that I was going to race the enduro! right on, good time, well now I need a new helmet, actually I got one, Fox Transition Hardshell, compliments of Random Bikes and my wife. This was actually on order prior to going to the UP as my birthday present. It was going to be my jump/freeride helmet but is now my everything helmet.
Then on top of that I crushed my wheel

so now I am rocking this rim on the front thanks to the Bicycle Chain

and do to a minor miss hap I will be rocking this rim on the back now, again thanks to the Bicycle Chain and taking care of me and making things right!

But over all it was an awesome trip, met a bunch of cool people got to network the mountain bike community a bit and ride the best trails in the mid west and rock cool shit like this!!!

Keep it real!

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