Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr. Productive!

Well this weekend was a huge success!
This Thursday night the floor guy came back and fixed the small floor heave. This guy does amazing work!

The rest of the weekend we were super productive! My parents and grand-parents came from SD. My family helped us rock out a bunch of "to-do" things. My brother helped doe some electrical work, putting a fan in our upstairs bathroom and a light switch in our laundry room. My dad helped me change some light fixtures and put a new fan in our kitchen. We figured out what was wrong with the sink and water draining. We snaked everything we could and only pulled out a small clog in the upstairs bathroom sink so my dad got to thinking it was a venting problem so we tried to figure out what could cause that. Crawled up on the roof looked at he sink vent, nothing but snaked it anyways. The my dad looked at the main sewer vent and the old owners capped it! This caused major vapor lock! We took the cap off and bam! everything worked exactly how it was suppose to!

We had a great BBQ on Friday night juicy lucy's and all! It was great, Kelly's parents and sister and husband came over and we all hung out.

Saturday afternoon after all the inside work was done my buddy Adam came over with a bunch of saws and we go to work pruning all the trees. We have a big ass pile of trees to cut up and burn now!

Sunday we didn't do a whole lot. Ate breakfast and said good bye, but then I had to get to work or play. Not sure what you call it. I go in the car with all my drawing and headed up to Elm Creek Park Reserve in Plymouth. I me Jay head of the park department there to go over my proposed design for their new bike skills park! I think it went great. I think he really liked it with only minor changes. I hope he uses it because if he does it will be a killer place to go ride and worth the 50min trip up there for sure!

After I got back from Elm Creek. I loaded up my bike and headed to Battle Creek to meet up with a potential coach/partner for the South East Metro High School Mountain Bike Team! I met Dave and chatted with him while getting my first actual ride of the year in. I think we will be a good fit. He is much more old school XC then me but seems like a great guy. I'm excited to see the ball starting to move a little bit more each day!

It was good to get out and ride. On the bike, things felt a bit foreign but the more I rode and the more I relaxed and let go the skills and ability took over and I loosened up and focused on the light hands heavy feet and attack position.When I would do that everything got smoother and faster and way more fun!

After the ride I came home and ate, then went to the movie 21 Jump Street with Kelly and our friend Abbie.OMG that movie was super funny! Probably one of the best comedies I"ve seen in a long time!

I hope your weekend was as productive and fun as mine!

Keep it real!

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